Day 29

Man HIST is intense! I thought the cardio was tough before! I never would have expected myself to be so motivated to do these workouts, but honestly with the results I am getting, I can’t wait to do them! Each day is another step towards my dream body, and I can see it taking shape literally right in front of my eyes.

Day 30

Honestly thought eating healthy was going to be more difficult than it actually is. I find myself very satiated after these meals. Sure when you eat junk food it tastes good going down, but it only leaves you wanting more. A nice salad with chicken breast is much more fulfilling! Eating the way I have been on the mp45 diet has completely changed my perspective on food.

Day 35

Had the grilled chicken marinara with whole wheat pasta & eggplant today… never had tried eggplant before following this nutrition plan, I actually really enjoy it! Had a killer arm/ab workout tonight. Noticing veins coming out that I have never seen before! Signs that I am getting leaner, and all fuel for the fire! It is truly motivating when putting in effort equals results.