A real life MP45 Transformation

Day 1 (12/10/2015)

Alright guys, this is day one of my 45 day transformation using the MP45 Gym Program. I am going to put this product to the test for you guys to determine if it really does work as well as they say it does. From my previous knowledge of dieting and gym routines, I feel that this product is one of the more legitimate ones out there. Nothing weird or “fadish” about it. So here it is. Day one. Lets see if this gym plan really works.


Day 2 (12/11/2015)

So far so good! Had a great workout today. Worked my back and then did some cardio. I feel that having a plan makes it easy for me to stay focused and get in and out with a successful workout in a short amount of time. IMG_2954


Day 3 (12/12/2015)

Something interesting to note that I have noticed thus far is that I seem to have more energy through-out the day, yet I am eating fewer calories than I was before. IMG_2955

Day 4 (12/13/2015)

Today is my rest day from the gym, but this is no excuse to stray from my diet! Sticking to the meal plan provided in the MP45 package. They say 70% of what you look like is based on what you eat… any fitness plan that doesn’t incorporate nutrition as an element is bound to be a dud in my opinion.

Day 5 (12/14/2015)

No better way to start off the week than with a leg workout! I must have done 300 reps! Could barely walk down the steps when leaving the gym today haha. Jello legs=leg day success. Loving these MP45 workouts!


Day 6 (12/15/2015)

Wow, only six days into this workout routine and people are already commenting on how much leaner I am. Excited to see where I am in 39 days from now! Motivation level: 10


Day 7 (12/16/2015)
Day 8 (12/17/2015)

Had my cheat meal yesterday! The science behind cheat meals is very interesting actually, if done correctly they can actually boost your hormones to keep yourself from plateauing! Got a great workout in from the extra energy. Love what I’m learning from the MP45 nutrition segment.


Day 9 (12/19/2015)

Read a quote today that helped me realign my focus. It read, “Once you realize that we are living a sum of our previous todays, and that your actions today are the ones that are going to better your future, the sky will be the limit.” Ready to keep pushing on through this gym plan!


Day 10 (12/19/2015)

Stepped on the scale for the first time since I adapted the MP45 diet. I am already down 12 pounds in ten days! I couldn’t believe my eyes! These are by far the most efficient results I have ever gotten from a workout/nutrition plan.


Day 11 (12/20/2015)

Cravings for food were intense today. Mind over matter though, sticking to this plan with an iron will. Cardio session on the treadmill followed by an upper body workout on the machines. I can already feel my endurance increasing!

Day 12 (12/21/2015)


Getting stronger while getting leaner? Hit a new PR on squat reps today. #NoCompromises


Day 13 (12/22/2015)

Officially down 13 pounds since I started MP45! Everything seems to be moving in the right direction. This is a gym plan that works!


Day 14 (12/23/2015)

Really starting to notice everything tightening up! Can’t believe how much progress I have made in only two short weeks!

Day 15 (12/24/2015)

Started the free weight segment of the gym plan today! Man I have a feeling I will be feeling that tomorrow. Back is already sore!

Day 16 (12/25/2015)
Day 17 (12/26/2015)

Rest day today! Love how this gym plan literally tells me what to do step-by-step. No guesswork whatsoever.

Day 18 (12/27/2015)

Chest day today! Had a good workout and learned some new lifts I had never done before.

Day 19 (12/28/2015)

Had an awesome leg workout today! The workout guide called for progressively heavier squats which are just as  tough mentally as they are physical! The nutrition plan allotted steak for dinner tonight, my favorite!

Day 20 (12/29/2015)

Leaner by the day!


Day 21 (12/30/2015)

Three weeks today! Not even half way there yet and am already happy with my results! What am I going to look like in another 24 days???

Day 22 (12/31/2015)

Today starts the two-a-day segment of the workout plan. Ready to see what my body is capable of! Sounds like things are going to start getting tough here! But hey, no pain no gain.


Day 23 (1/1/2016)

Rest day today! Much needed after yesterday’s workouts!

Day 24 (1/2/2016)

This mornings AM cardio had me really breathing hard! Just because I wasn’t doing sprints doesn’t mean it was an easy day. Calisthenic work is INTENSE.

Day 25 (1/3/2016)

Intense back workout today! Barely could do 10 pull-ups when I started this gym plan, now I’m up to 26! Progress feels amazing.

Day 26 (1/4/2016)

Intense leg circuit today! Have a feeling walking tomorrow is going to be rough! Can already feel it.

Day 27 (1/5/2016)

Had a rest day today. Probably to get ready for the circuit segment of the workout plan. Reading ahead to tomorrows workout… sounds brutal! No rest in between sets.

Day 28 (1/6/2016)

Today started the H.I.S.T. segment of the program. Boy was I winded! I literally can feel my metabolism going through the roof from todays workout! Have a feeling I am going to start really leaning out here. On a side note, measured my waist today… down 2″ in 28 days!

Day 29 (1/7/2016)

Man HIST is intense! I thought the cardio was tough before! I never would have expected myself to be so motivated to do these workouts, but honestly with the results I am getting, I can’t wait to do them! Each day is another step towards my dream body, and I can see it taking shape literally right in front of my eyes.

Day 30 (1/8/2016)

Honestly thought eating healthy was going to be more difficult than it actually is. I find myself very satiated after these meals. Sure when you eat junk food it tastes good going down, but it only leaves you wanting more. A nice salad with chicken breast is much more fulfilling! Eating the way I have been on the mp45 diet has completely changed my perspective on food.

Day 31 (1/9/2016)

Worked out the shoulders today! Don’t expect me to be reaching up to the top shelf for anything today, I don’t think I could if I wanted to!

Day 32 (1/10/2016)

Super intense cardio session today! Best part about the cardio in the mp45 gym plan is that it honestly doesn’t take too long. I am usually done in 20 minutes or under and on with my day!

Day 33 (1/11/2016)

Rest day today! Much needed after yesterdays full body workout! I AM SORE.


Day 34 (1/12/2016)

Just cardio today! Did a tough sprint session down at the local school. Being down so many pounds I definitely notice an increase in speed and athleticism! MP45 is working!


Day 35 (1/13/2016)

Had the grilled chicken marinara with whole wheat pasta & eggplant today… never had tried eggplant before following this nutrition plan, I actually really enjoy it! Had a killer arm/ab workout tonight. Noticing veins coming out that I have never seen before! Signs that I am getting leaner, and all fuel for the fire! It is truly motivating when putting in effort equals results.

Day 36 (1/14/2016)

Today is the beginning of the sixth week of the program in which you enter the “Super H.I.S.T.” phase. Time to push it to the limit and see what I am capable of! These upcoming workouts look brutal.

Day 37 (1/15/2016)

Today I worked out with a buddy of mine who I did a training session with about 1 week into the program. Today, after not seeing me for a few weeks, the first thing he commented on was how much leaner I looked. We did some of the sprint work together and he also commented on how much more explosive I am. I feel so much faster and much more athletic after starting this program. Man I wish I had this exercise plan back when I was a football player in high school!

Day 38 (1/16/2016)


Day 39 (1/17/2016)

Rest Day!

Day 40 (1/18/2016)

Almost there guys! I can whole heartedly say that I am in love with this gym plan! 40 days, I’m leaner than I’ve ever been, feel better than I ever have, and have gotten results in a shorter amount of time than I could have ever expected! MP45 works better than anything I have ever tried and would whole heartedly recommend it to anyone I know.

Day 41 (1/19/2016)

Today I got a break from cardio, but this didn’t mean I got a day off. Had a crazy giant leg circuit that had me leaving the gym exhausted and soaked in sweat! Now I see why I got the day off from cardio!


Day 42 (1/20/2016)

Today was the final rest day of the gym plan. I think you can tell by the smile on my face how happy I was to get a day off! Either that or maybe its because of the results I have gotten from MP45!


Day 43 (1/21/2016)

Today was the start of the final phase of the MP45 program. They call it the “Beach Ready” phase, and basically it is the most intense phase of the whole gym plan. Each of the final three days include two-a-day workouts using circuit style training. Toughest day yet. Wouldn’t have believed that I’d be able to finish these workouts on day one lol.

Day 44 (1/22/2016)

The nutrition plan allotted for a cheat meal at lunch today, and man oh man was it needed! After yesterdays grueling workouts I thought I was feeling it. Then to wake up and push myself through it again this morning, all I could think to myself is how my body has no other option BUT to burn fat! After my AM workout today I had a nice lunch date with my girlfriend out to the best pizza parlor around! Funny how food that I felt guilty about eating before is viewed now as a hard earned reward, and is something that is actually benefitting me as well! Had tons of energy after the pizza and crushed the PM Calisthenics workout.

Day 45 (1/23/2016)

I started this page to review a product in an industry that is full of lies and scams. This is no “miracle exercise machine”, pill, powder, or anything like that. MP45 is hard work and is definitely no walk in the park. But if you are willing to put in the effort, it is a step-by-step gym and nutrition plan that can be your roadmap to success. I lost 35 pounds in 45 days, 4 inches off my waist, and am stronger, faster, and leaner than I have ever been. Like they always say, look good, feel good. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to look, feel, and perform better. MP45 has changed my life.




Moving on past the 45th Day (10/4/2016)

It has been some time now since I completed the 45 day plan, yet I continue to see lasting and ever-progressing results. When people ask me what I thought of the MP45 workout, I tend to make the analogy that MP45 was like learning to ride a bike for the first time. The 45 day plan was what I consider metaphorical training wheels that taught me how to properly eat and train for the rest of my life. Applying the skills I learned from MP45 I continue to make progress and am in the best shape of my life. If you are interested in learning more about the program that worked for me click here to see why MP45 is so effective.